OCTOBER 27, 2023: 6:00 – 10:30 PM @ MISSION HILLS CHURCH


Exclusively for 6th-8th grade, this will be the most fun you’ve ever had on a Friday! Wear a costume and join us for an amazing night featuring: carnival rides, prizes, nerf wars, inflatables, laser tag, photo booth, unlimited pizza, soda, cotton candy, and much more!









2022 PROMO


Thank you for joining us for the BIGGEST ever BIG Halloween Party. With over 2100 students in attendance, we had a great time! See you next year on Friday, October 27, 2023.



Click here to see all available options for serving at the BIG Halloween Party 2022

Thanks so much for your interest in serving with us at the BIG Halloween Party 2022. All serving positions are now full. We will see you next year!


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Do I have to wear a costume?

You do not have to wear a costume, but it will be more fun if you do! Check out our costume guidelines for any questions you might have.

How do I sign up?

You can register online by clicking “register” for $20 (if you do this, you will get in quicker on the night of the party and it’s cheaper) or you can pay $25 at the door on October 28.

Do I need to be invited to attend?

If you are in 6-8 grade you are invited! You do not need a flyer/invitation to attend.

Can I bring friends?
YES!! Bring as many friends as you can! This is open to all 6-8th grade students.
Who is invited?

Anyone who is in 6th-8th grade.

When does it start?

Doors open at 6:00 PM

When do I have to leave?

The BIG Halloween party ends at 10:30, you can leave before that if needed, but you won’t want to!

Where do we meet?

The BIG Halloween party is at Mission Hills Church (620 Southpark Dr. Littleton, CO 80120)

Do I need extra money for anything?

It costs $20 to get in (or $25 at the door). Everything is included once you arrive. However, we do have a coffee shop, some dessert trucks and MERCH available that does cost extra money. Costs vary between 5-20 dollars for those.

What do I need to bring?

$25 if paying at the door, friends, and extra money if you want any additional snacks, drinks or MERCH!

What are the guidelines for costumes?

We encourage all students to wear a costume at the Big Halloween party! However, there are a few things that are great to keep in mind with costumes.

+ Please leave any plastic/fake weapons at home for security reasons. These include things such as toy guns, swords, knives, baseball bats, etc…

+ Masks are welcome, but we will ask you take it off during the registration process to make sure we know who we’re checking in!

+ Please be mindful of costumes with blood/gore. Think PG or G rated.

+ All costumes must be modest and appropriate (absolutely no inappropriate language, sexual content, drug or alcohol references, or violence). Any students with costumes that are inappropriate will be asked to contact their parents to bring an alternative outfit. 

 Thank you for your understanding.

Any other questions about costume specifics can be sent via email to 

Is this a safe event?

Yes! We make sure that there is plenty of adult supervision. Also, students are not permitted to leave during the event (unless picked up by a parent). We will have a security team and people who are medically qualified in case a student gets hurt. We take safety seriously.

Will there be any alcohol or drugs?

Absolutely NOT! If a student is found with any drugs (including cigarettes, vapes, JUUL, marijuana) or alcohol we will immediately call their parent, and possibly local law enforcement.

Who are the chaperones?
The chaperones are adults from our youth ministry staff at Mission Hills Church. All of our staff have gone through an application and interview process along with a background check. There will also be security and other volunteers who have been background checked as well.
How many people will be there?

There will be a TON of people there!!! We had over 1,730 students at the BIG Halloween Party in 2021.

How many adults will be there?

We try to have a ratio of about one leader per 5-7 students. Depending on the exact number of students at the BIG Halloween party, this ratio may be a little higher or lower. We will have almost 250-300 volunteers helping to run this event!

What will we do there?

There will be tons of fun and exciting activities for students to participate in like laser tag, nerf wars, basketball, gaga ball, crazy nail painting, henna tattoos, and more! We also take a short amount of time to give away prizes and have an encouraging conversation about the hope we have in God. Your student is sure to have an AWESOME time.

Can I come late?

Yes, you can come late. Please check in at one of our registration kiosks upon arrival.

Can I leave early?

If you need to leave early, one of our adult leaders will accompany you to your parents vehicle.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions at all, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you asap!
Contact us at:


Mission Hills Church
620 Southpark Dr. – Littleton, CO 80120


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